Guide offers design engineers preventative tips for avoiding metal bearing failure

SHREWSBURY, Mass.—A new technical paper on why metal bearings fail has been introduced by TriStar Plastics, a specialist in the engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing of high performance polymers, composites, and self-lubricating bearings. The technical guide, “Why Do Metal Bearings Fail? A guide to primary causes and tips for prevention,” explores the root causes of metal bearing failure in industrial equipment and outlines key steps that design engineers can take to avoid this costly challenge altogether.

“Metal bearings fail for reasons ranging from poor lubrication and maintenance to corrosion and contamination,” said Richard Cedrone, CEO of TriStar Plastics, in a press release. “And with each failure, manufacturers face soaring repair costs, not to mention the financial losses that occur during a sudden halt on the production line. This guide gives engineers an overview of various bearing materials and designs so they can explore how each might contribute to—or completely eliminate—a failure from the start.”

The bearing failure paper allows design engineers to compare metal rolling element bearings vs. plastic plane bearings; review common myths about metal bearings; and uncover the top causes of bearing failure. Readers can also learn four key questions to ask during bearing selection and explore bearing failure industry case studies.

The complimentary guide can be downloaded at

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