DECKERVILLE, Mich. —Midwest Rubber Co., a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products, recently announced that it will acquire Xccent Medical and Industrial Division, a manufacturer of rubber and flexible products for the medical and industrial industry.

Xccent, based in Wyoming, Minnesota, will transfer its operation to Midwest Rubber’s headquarters in Sanilac County, Michigan. The acquisition will allow Xccent to continue to focus on its core business of fitness and playground equipment.

This move complements Midwest Rubber’s portfolio of business by expanding its reach in the medical and industrial sector.

“This planned acquisition will further establish Midwest Rubber Company as a premier leader in the rubber and flexible products industry, and one of America’s few remaining latex dip molders,” said Kenneth Jehle, president of Midwest Rubber Co., in a press release. “It will also bring ten new jobs to Michigan.”

Kenneth Jehle, president of Midwest Rubber Co., called the move “great news” for its customers. “Midwest Rubber offers additional process capabilities outside of vinyl and latex dip molding, such as rotational molding and urethane foam molding, and unique engineering and problem-solving expertise. We have carefully selected the best suitor, Midwest Rubber, to carry on the legacy and reputation we have built over 40 years.”

Established in Detroit in 1946, Midwest Rubber Co. ( designs, engineers, and manufactures form-dipped, slush-cast, and rotationally-molded rubber and plastic parts for the automotive, medical, heavy duty truck, consumer goods, and agricultural equipment industries.

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