MAUMEE, Ohio—Dana Incorporated recently announced that it has introduced its Spicer ® Electrified ™ portfolio of motor, control, and e-drive technologies to advance electric propulsion systems.

The portfolio addresses each of Dana’ end markets—light, commercial, and off-highway vehicles—and builds on Dana’s half-century of research in electric driveline technologies. It is also said to complement the company’s battery-cooling solutions offered under the Long® brand portfolio.

“Dana has a unique ability to leverage knowledge across multiple end markets, and we are confident that our investment and research will benefit the advancement of technology for the entire mobility industry,” said Dana President and CEO James Kamsickas, in a release from the company. “The Spicer Electrified strategy will build on Dana’s experience and successes, while further accelerating electric driveline technology and real-world applications over the next decade and beyond.”

Currently in production, the Spicer® EV Drive for electric vans manages speed and torque from the e-motor to the wheels. Planned for launch in 2018, Dana’s new e-axles for electric transit buses and city delivery vehicles feature a fully integrated motor and gear box. Dana is also working with automotive manufacturers to develop all-wheel-drive (AWD) e-axles that deliver superior performance, packaging, and reliability, while meeting customer demand for AWD functionality paired with traditional front-wheel-drive hybrids.

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