BOSTON—The machine intelligence company Nutonian recently announced an OEM relationship with Autodesk, whereby Nutonian’s artificial intelligence (AI) modeling engine, Eureqa, will be embedded in Autodesk’s Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform, Fusion Connect.  As a result, companies that use the Eureqa-enhanced version of Fusion Connect will be able to automatically churn through connected machine IoT data to predict product failure, according to a press release from Nutonian. They will also be able to receive recommended improvements for existing product designs and identify new designs that are “potentially impactful,” the company said in the release.

“As we continually enhance our cloud capabilities, the logical next step was broadening and deepening our IoT predictive and prescriptive solutions,” said Bryan Kester, director of IoT at Autodesk, in the release. “We evaluated the A.I. and machine learning ecosystem and found Nutonian has numerous, significant advantages that enable us to deliver a one-of-a-kind IoT analytics service.”

Manufacturing companies can use Eureqa to determine the baseline for how a piece of machinery behaves under normal conditions. If a machine’s sensors indicate abnormal or suboptimal behavior, Fusion Connect’s dynamic predictive analytics, powered by Eureqa, generates alerts and dashboards explaining what’s happening and why. This will enable customers to automatically anticipate machinery maintenance, identify product flaws and develop smart, proactive business processes, according to Nutonian (

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