CHICAGO—Orthogonal, a boutique software development company headquartered in Chicago, has decided to concentrate its expertise solely in the connected medical device space. The company recently announced that it will exclusively develop connected care companion software for manufacturers who build wireless and wired medical devices.

Orthogonal has designed and developed companion software that allows doctors to monitor, diagnose, and treat diseases using wireless and wired medical devices in the hospital and remotely. The company’s connected medical device software has been used in Class I, II, and III medical devices regulated by the FDA.

“We wanted to capitalize on our niche expertise and focus on providing greater service to our clients by developing software in a single vertical,” said founder and CEO Bernhard Kappe, in a press release. Kappe’s decision to shift the company’s development focus was prompted, in part, by trends in the health care industry, as well as the changing needs of medical device manufacturers.

“Increasingly, the functionality and value of wireless medical devices depends on the underlying software,” added Kappe. “We build connected care systems for our manufacturing partners that increase the value of their devices.” Orthogonal specializes in designing and building connected care systems that integrate medical devices, sensors, and diagnostics with mobile applications, cloud computing, and clinical systems.

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