DANVILLE, Calif.—Wireless power technology provider PowerSphyr recently announced an agreement with Gill Electronics on the manufacture of its wireless power products for the consumer market.

PowerSphyr (www.powersphyr.com) has selected Gill Electronics, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be its original design manufacturer (ODM) for SkyCurrent™, PowerSphyr’s flagship product series. SkyCurrent combines near-field and far-field technology in a single system to deliver wireless power to a wide range of electronic products. Initial SkyCurrent products will come to market in the second half of 2017, PowerSphyr said in a press release.

Gill Electronics (www.gill-electronics.com) is part of Gill Industries, a major supplier to the automotive, multi-use vehicle, and furniture industries. A member of the board of the AirFuel Alliance, Gill is one of the only AirFuel-compliant manufacturers of resonant magnetic systems that has passed FCC regulatory testing and has products deployed in the commercial infrastructure market, PowerSphyr said in the release.

“PowerSphyr has developed a completely unique, multi-technology solution that is well-positioned to enhance the user experience as the wireless power market continues to evolve and expand,” said Brad Miller, CTO of Gill Electronics, in the release.

Described as a first-of-its kind series of products, SkyCurrent consists of a sleek, ergonomic power receiver affixed to an electronic device and a hub that provides energy on demand. The SkyCurrrent Power Transfer Hub (PTH) delivers energy via near-field or far-field power from either channel to meet the power requirements of the electronic device. PowerSphyr’s products are said to be unlike other commercially available wireless charging products because they “employ the most advanced wireless power transfer technology and can selectively induce one of two modes based on range and power required,” the company said in the release.

“Gill Electronics is a world-class company with an exceptional record for quality, and the perfect partner to provide contracted manufacturing, both domestically and abroad,” said PowerSphyr CEO Neil Ganz, in the release. “Our relationship with Gill Electronics will help ensure a smooth and timely launch of our consumer products this year.”

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