MONTREAL— has announced the beta launch of its browser-based 3D machine builder platform, enabling established and emerging designers to design and order their custom industrial equipment in just a few days.

Vention provides an intelligent cloud-based 3D design platform, embedding a library of “ready-to-order” industrial-grade components. The platform is suited for the design of fixed and automated equipment in the fields of small business automation, lean manufacturing, product validation and research, and industrial design. Use of the platform is free, and users can order their machine for next day shipment upon completion of the design, the company said in a press release announcing the launch.

“It became obvious to us that the next frontier for faster machine design wasn’t better design tools or higher performance hardware, but rather the integration between the two,” said company founder and CEO Etienne Lacroix in the release. “The launch of our beta program is a first step in enabling our partners to experience a novel design and build workflow that will accelerate the machine design process more than 5-fold.”

Moreover, by incorporating artificial intelligence in its platform, Vention aims to create a 3D design experience that is significantly easier and faster than with traditional tools.

Vention’s ease-of-use philosophy revolves around the “one-part, one-click” component insertion feature, enabling the 3D assembly of machines to mimic that of the physical world.

“With the help of artificial intelligence, we are paving the way for significant democratization of mechanical engineering,” added CTO Max Windisch. “We want to enable design-savvy individuals who never used a CAD software, to 3D design industrial machines and prototypes. Similar technology democratization in web development (i.e., WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix) were complete game-changers; we are creating the equivalent for machine design.”

Vention integrates part selection, 3D design, and component purchasing, eliminating the need for 2D drawings and manual bill of material management. Integration between design software and industrial hardware is the primary contributor to cycle-time improvement. The infrastructure is entirely cloud-based, enabling Vention to implement real-time collaboration features.

Features currently available on the beta version of Vention include a library of structural, motion, and control components; a free cloud-based 3D Machine Builder; artificial intelligence-enabled 3D constraints; real-time cost and weight in the 3D Machine Builder environment; and automatic fasteners and bill of material management.

Also available are access to a library of user-generated public designs; invitation of individual collaborators to a design; ability to set up a private design group; submission of new component ideas; and personalized assembly instructions with purchase orders.

To experience the platform, potential users are invited to sign up for free on or to submit their project ideas to project(at)vention(dot)io

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