SAN JOSE, Calif.—Sanmina Corporation’s Backplane and Cable Division has developed new flex and rigid flex circuit assembly capabilities for military and aerospace electronics equipment, the company announced recently.  The new technology combines the latest laminates, high performance mil-aero connectors, and Sanmina’s advanced circuit fabrication technologies, the company said in a press release. Sanmina, a manufacturer of complex  electronic, optical, and mechanical products, offers system design and manufacturing in AS9100C certified circuit facilities.

Flex and rigid flex circuits have been used as a cost effective interconnect system in mission critical defense and aerospace equipment for many years. As these systems evolve and data rates increase, performance requirements for interconnect become more demanding. Flex circuit laminate materials have also evolved and, with Sanmina’s advanced processes, can now be used with these high speed connectors in demanding applications. Sanmina’s new flex and rigid flex circuit fabrication technology is said to deliver data rates up to 10-15 gigabits/second, while permitting a smaller form factor with less weight at a lower cost.

“Sanmina is proud to offer new technology to our customers that helps increase performance and reduce the size and weight of advanced military and aerospace products,” said Alex Scroppo, senior vice president, Backplane and Cable Division, in the release. “We are pleased to be able to provide a complete technology and manufacturing solution to our defense and aerospace customers, a combination of services we believe to be unmatched in the industry.”

Sanmina (, a manufacturer of complex electronic, optical, and mechanical products, provides system design and manufacturing in AS9100C certified circuit facilities. The company offers what it calls “a complete solution for backplanes, PCBs, and flex circuits, including systems engineering, board design and layout, in-house laminate qualification, signal integrity, high speed connector analysis, and failure analysis laboratories. Sanmina’s global facilities are fully certified for defense and aerospace requirements, including ITAR and AS9100C certifications, among others.

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