TUSTIN, Calif.— Elite Aviation Products (EAP) and its sister company, Elite Engineering Services (EES), have completed their corporate rollup into their new parent company, Elite Aerospace Group, according to a formal announcement made by Dustin Tillman, CEO of Elite Aviation Products.

“From day one, it has been our primary mission as a company to provide a service experience unlike any other supplier in the aerospace industry,” Tillman stated in a press release. “Part of that mission is providing auxiliary services in addition to our manufacturing business, including engineering services, logistics and integration, and financial services, to name a few. This is the pathway to truly becoming the integrator our customers need now more than ever.”

In addition to EAP and EES, three new entities have also been created under the Elite Aerospace Group umbrella: Elite Logistics & Integration, Elite 360 Technologies, and Elite Financial Services.

“By providing this wide array of solutions under one roof, we are revolutionizing the way OEMs and others within the supply chain do business,” stated COO Zeeshawn Zia, also in the release.  “The aerospace industry is facing a crisis. There simply isn’t enough capacity to keep up with the unprecedented demands of the marketplace. By creating a new type of all-inclusive business model, we are bringing a new level of efficiency into the supply chain and capitalizing on the tremendous opportunity at hand.”

Elite Aerospace Group (www.eliteaerospacegroup.com) was formed by senior aviation officials who, tired of their expectations not being met, set out on a campaign for change, challenging conventionality in the marketplace and driving customer-centric part supply strategies. The company is a proud contributor to reshoring initiatives, focused on bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

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