METUCHEN, N.J.—C+K Plastics, Inc., recently announced that its Conyers, Georgia location achieved certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. C+K Plastics is a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic products and assemblies for the aerospace, medical, agricultural equipment, refrigeration, and petroleum industries, among others.

C+K’s Metuchen, New Jersey facility has long been certified to ISO 9001, the international standard that specifies Quality Management System (QMS) requirements. Organizations around the world rely on the ISO standard to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements by organizing their quality management systems and pursuing continual improvement.

Achieving certification for the Conyers operation is meant to ensure that the two facilities can deliver product excellence across the corporation. It is also expected to increase productivity, reduce unnecessary costs, and ensure quality of processes and products.

“The ISO 2015 certification ensures more of the same for our customers,” said C+K President Bob Carrier, in a company release. “We committed to gaining ISO compliance for the Conyers operation when we expanded to Georgia, and now we have formalized the seamless integration of our two facilities. With standardized, duplicate equipment in Metuchen and Conyers, we can now meet customer production requirements and timelines with ease.”

David Grice, C+K’s vice president sales and marketing, said that achieving ISO certification emphasizes the company’s quality-centric mindset.

“Quality is the foundation on which C+K has built its reputation and success,” said Grice in a statement. “With ISO 9001:2008 guiding the integration of our Metuchen and Conyers sites, we will be able to continue delivering that quality with an even more agile production model.”

C+K Plastics, Inc. ( also has a plastics extrusion affiliate, Valley Extrusions, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For more on Valley Extrusions, see the feature article, “Extrusions to Start, Finished to Part.”

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