OAKLAND, Calif.—The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider Digicom Electronics, Inc., recently announced that it has been certified by Intertek as conforming to the requirements of AS9100:2016 (RevD) and ISO 9001:2015. The certification of Digicom’s quality management system applies to the manufacture and test of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electro-mechanical assemblies, as well as systems integration in accordance with customer specifications.

AS9100:2016 (RevD) is the standard for organizations that design and manufacture products—including parts, components, and assemblies—for the aerospace industry. Prepared by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), with representatives from aviation, space, and defense companies in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe, AS9100:2016 (RevD) standardizes quality management system requirements.

Requirements for AS9100:2016 (RevD) are specific to the context of the organization, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and improvement. Certification indicates that a company is dedicated to improved quality, cost, delivery, and performance. The standard includes ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements and specifies additional aviation, space, and defense industry requirements and definitions.

“This certification doesn’t just indicate that Digicom has a quality management system. It involves so much more,” said Douglas Sutherland, president and CEO of NeXsys Group Inc., the professional services company that assisted Digicom in achieving AS9100 and ISO certifications, in a release announcing the certification. “It also involves top management’s commitment and leadership to define their strategic business vision as it is influenced by those applicable interested party’s requirements. It shows a company is committed to carrying out an efficient and productive business process management system. Especially for an EMS company, it demonstrates that they have a design and development process for how to build something and a methodology to weed out and mitigate potential problems or failures.”

AS9100:2016 (RevD) includes new requirements above and beyond those specified in the previous revision AS9100C. They address risk-based thinking, make it more explicit, and build it into the whole management system. The standard ensures that risk is considered from the beginning and throughout, and makes prevention part of strategic and operational planning. It also provides a framework to enable organizations to adapt to their changing environments or circumstances.

“AS9100:2016 (RevD) is a new certification and we are excited to be one of the first to achieve it,” said Mo Ohady, general manager for Digicom Electronics, in a statement. “The Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) maintains a database of companies with AS9100:2016 (RevD) certification, and we are one of a very small group of EMS companies listed. Digicom also has ISO 13485:2003 certification for medical device quality. With AS9100:2016, ITAR, and ISO 9001:2015, we will now have access to aerospace and military, as well as defense contract work.

“We’d like to thank Doug Sutherland of NeXsys for his guidance, coaching, and support in helping us to achieve these certifications. It is a daunting task to fulfill the requirements for certification, but his knowledge and understanding of the process were an integral part of our success.”

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