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From pepper mills to autonomous robot factories, companies are running Plex Systems

TROY, Mich.—Innovators in discrete and process manufacturing are continuing to choose and deploy the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to run their business “from the shop floor to the top floor,” according to Plex Systems, a developer of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturers. The company recently announced that Plex is the choice of more than 550 customers—including recent customers API Heat Transfer, Olde Thompson, and Knightscope—that operate more than 1,800 facilities around the world.

“Each member of the Plex team is honored to work with the hard-working innovators who choose our products to run their manufacturing operations every day,” said Plex Systems CEO Jason Blessing, in a release from the company. “Our mission at Plex is to help manufacturers turn ideas into products that change the world, and we look forward to helping our customers succeed for years to come.”

API Heat Transfer designs and manufactures heat exchangers and heat transfer products for industry applications ranging from chemicals to transportation. The company supports some of the world’s most demanding customers through a global network of 12 manufacturing facilities and more than 1,400 highly trained professionals.

Olde Thompson, reported to be the largest manufacturer of salt and pepper shakers in the world, sells products in more than 30 countries. Olde Thompson runs Plex to deliver herbs, spices, mills, shakers, and spice racks for its own brand and private label offerings.

Knightscope develops advanced autonomous security robots, including droids and cars, found across the United States. The company runs Plex to deliver bots featuring cutting-edge security technologies that combine software and hardware to fight crime in the real world.

“Knightscope wanted Plex to be the backbone of its deployment around the country,” said William Santana Li, chairman and CEO of Knightscope, in the release. “Partnering with Plex has allowed us to scale operations in line with our business growth, giving our breakthrough technology a strong infrastructure that provides the flexibility and adaptability to deliver best-in-class security and, ultimately, have a positive effect on society.”

Plex ( offers cloud ERP software for the shop floor that connects suppliers, machines, people, systems, and customers with capabilities that are said to be easy to configure, and that “deliver continuous innovation and reduce IT costs.” The company strives to help customers “see and understand every aspect of their business ecosystems, enabling them to lead in an ever-changing market.”

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