October 2017 Electronic & Mechanical Components-1

FLORHAM PARK, N.J.—Lapp Group USA recently announced that it has introduced enhancements to its EPIC® ULTRA rectangular connector housings. The enhancements include new covers and models for the food and beverage industry “or any other application that requires electrical connectors with high levels of corrosion resistance,” the company said in a press release.

One, the corrosion-resistant HA ¾ family of housing, is UL-50 Type 4, 4x and 12 rated, and IP-65 approved. Its die-cast zinc and nickel-plated surface creates a conductive shell around the housing that virtually eliminates all EMC, the company reported. The housings are available in several styles, including top and side entry hood, panel mount base, cable coupler, 90-degree surface mount base, and 90-degree panel mount base with stainless steel screws for inserts.

Lapp Group USA has also rolled out its EPIC ULTRA H-B Cover for use with EPIC ULTRA bases and hoods. The durable covers are made of an FDA-approved, corrosion-resistant material and include stainless steel levers and bolts. They are available in several sizes and surface mounts, including single lever and double lever, and their blue color is said to provide excellent visibility.

Lapp’s EPIC ULTRA rectangular connector housings incorporate a nickel-plated zinc housing, nickel-plated brass body, and stainless-steel hardware. Together, these corrosion-resistant materials make the connector suitable for applications that would be too harsh for traditional aluminum connectors, according to the manufacturer. These applications include wind turbines, wash-down machinery, offshore equipment, chemical processing lines, telecommunication installations, and other heavy industrial equipment. The housings are also said to enhance electrical shielding performance and resist damage.

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