3M™ 4076 Extended Wear Medical Tape (Photo: 3M)

3M™ 4076 Extended Wear Medical Tape (Photo: 3M)

ST. PAUL, Minn.—If a patient’s heart-rate monitor keeps falling off, it begs the question “Isn’t there a better way to make it stick?” And when considering adhesive science and the challenges of a substrate like skin, design engineers know that adherence to skin is trickier than one might think.

3M, a company that makes products like Post-it® Notes, structural adhesives that hold airplanes together, and advanced medical adhesives that can hold for up to two weeks, believes it has the answer. 3M’s Medical Materials and Technologies business  recently added  3M™ 4076 Extended Wear Medical Tape to its portfolio, giving medical device manufacturers and engineers a long-term wear, acrylic-based adhesive designed to increase patient comfort and provide a strong and reliable bond in challenging applications.

The non-sensitizing, conformable adhesive was developed for long-term wear, providing a bond that is firm yet comfortable, so patients may not even realize that they are wearing a device. This allows engineers and manufacturers to focus solely on the design and application of their device, according to 3M (3M.com/MedTech).

“Sticking to skin presents a major challenge to the medical device industry,” said Diana Eitzman, Ph.D., director of agile commercialization, 3M Critical and Chronic Care Solutions Division, in a statement. “By equipping our customers with the latest adhesive technology, we’re giving them the power to solve their toughest design challenges and positively impact patients’ lives globally.”

The 4076 Extended Wear Medical Tape is compliant with ISO:10993 and ISO:10993-10, medical industry regulations assessing a product’s potential to produce irritation and skin sensitization, and is   approved for use on intact skin. The tape is part of an extensive adhesives product line that 3M offers the medical device manufacturing, design, and supply industries.

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