BRADENTON, Fla.—ETCO Incorporated, a manufacturer of custom precision metal stampings, wire termination parts, and molded products, recently announced the performance results of its insulated connector line for wire termination connections. In a press release, ETCO said that the glass-reinforced insulated connectors provide improved performance over simple native polymer connectors.

ETCO’s engineers tested the glass-reinforced insulated connectors against competitor offerings to evaluate the differences between the products. The competitor connectors use simple native polymers and lack glass reinforcement. In high humidity climate conditions, their native polymer connectors expand and weaken, resulting in hazardous conditions, ETCO said in the release.

The glass-reinforced ETCO insulated connector is engineered to collapse on itself in a scenario where there’s a malfunction. This allows it to hold until an automatic shutdown cycle occurs within the operating equipment, the company said.

ETCO’s insulated connectors are rated UL94V-0, RoHS compliant and are flame retardant. In 96 hours of testing in humid conditions, the connectors are reported to have required 3.5 times the separation force when compared to competitor offerings.

“With 3.5 times the separation force compared to the nearest competitor, ETCO’s insulated connectors are second to none in the most rigorous conditions,” said ETCO Vice President of Sales John Stiness, in a statement.

The insulated connectors, available in straight and flag styles, mate with 0.110 inch x 0.020/0.032 inch, 0.187 inch x 020/.032 inch, and 0.250 inch x 0.032 inch NEMA male tabs. The AWG wire range is 18-14 and 22-18.

ETCO ( manufactures precision stampings, as well as rubber and plastic molded products used in a range of industrial manufacturing, including the automotive, appliance, aviation, medical, information technology hardware, and networking markets. The company has factories and a research complex in Bradenton, Florida, and a factory and engineering center in Warwick, Rhode Island.

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