ATLANTA, Ga.—The CAD software developer IronCAD recently announced an integration with Design Simulation Technologies’ SimWise Motion, a kinematic and dynamic motion simulation program. According to a release from IronCAD, the SimWise Motion Design Extension for IronCAD takes a design made up of assemblies of moving parts and simulates its kinematic and dynamic motion with a single click, allowing users to evaluate its functional performance. (

SimWise’s 3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulations are said to closely reflect real-word functionality, allowing engineers to answer fundamental questions such as “Does it work? Will it break?” and “How can it be made better?” Knowing the answer to these questions early in the design cycle allows engineers to make critical changes without going through the expensive and time-consuming steps of building a physical prototype, testing it, and redesigning it.

SimWise Motion supports motors, actuators, gravity, and realistic contact between bodies. It also supports springs, friction, damping, and other generated forces, as needed. Once applied, SimWise Motion calculates several types of results that can be used to verify the operation of a design.

The animations are said to deliver the visual feedback that engineers need in order to understand if their designs will work properly, along with accurate, physics-based engineering data associated with the movement of an assembly. Result vectors and plots of displacement, velocity, acceleration, and forces give engineers the numerical information they need to fully understand the performance of their designs. As changes are made to any design, all settings are updated and maintained so that iterative data can be compared to verify design improvement.

“We are very pleased to be working with IronCAD and delivering our SimWise Motion software in an integrated package with IronCAD,” said Alan Wegienka, president of DST, in a statement. “The combination will provide designers of moving mechanical assemblies with the tools they need to produce better designs in less time, with fewer prototypes, by building functional prototypes and testing them on the computer.”

IronCAD (, based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides 3D design software that is said to increase productivity and facilitate collaboration throughout the enterprise.

“The SimWise Motion Design Extension gives IronCAD users a powerful way to accurately validate the motion characteristics of their designs,” said Cary O’Connor, vice president of marketing at IronCAD, in a statement. “We are pleased to be working with DST to offer this extension to our community and expand IronCAD’s simulation capabilities in the process.”

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