MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—The IoT-focused startup zGlue, which emerged from stealth mode in early August, recently announced that it has selected Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE), a major provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test, as its strategic manufacturing partner.

ZGlue ( reported that it is “the first semiconductor/SaaS (software as a service) company to deliver a breakthrough chip and system design methodology for the Internet of Things (IoT) era.” The company said that it “provides access to industry-standard IoT building blocks for design and manufacturing of innovative IoT products with 10X better integration, low cost, system flexibility, minimal risk, and fast time to market.”

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering is a key manufacturing partner for the zGlue Integrated Platform (ZiP), which is said to enable fully customized products for the high-growth consumer and high-volume industrial IoT markets by providing seamless integration of both hardware and software in a modular 3D IC-based platform. The company provides multiple options for assembling zGlue-certified chiplets, which are automatically interconnected through zGlue Smart Fabric™, a silicon interposer platform, onto the ZiP hardware to rapidly create an IoT system.

“ASE is committed to supporting innovative technologies and companies that add value to the semiconductor and advanced packaging industries,” said Mike Hung, senior vice president, ASE, in a press release. “zGlue has demonstrated an innovative way of addressing important pain points for this space. We are pleased to support them as their packaging, assembly, and test partner as they bring their technology and products to the mass market.”

“Our stellar engineering team has come up with an elegant approach that we believe will enable architecting, designing, and manufacturing a new and better generation of semiconductor products for the next several decades,” noted Ming Zhang, zGlue co-founder and CEO. “For this vision to become a reality, we must have a strong ecosystem of partners such as ASE. Their proven manufacturing expertise will continue to be an important asset as we move forward.”

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