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CI acquires AMADA FabriVISION Laser-based inspection machine

Anaheim, CA, Nov. 1, 2017–Continental Industries (, a leader in precision sheet metal fabrication is proud to announce the acquisition of an Amada FabriVISION Laser, Laser-Based Inspection Machine to its mfg. facility. The FabriVISION Laser will be installed and fully operational in November 2017.

The FabriVISION Laser is a non-contact, flat part scanner that provides automatic measurement and digitizing capabilities. The inspection machine’s automated inspection process will compare 1st article parts to the original CAD drawings and generate a variety of SPC reports that can be emailed directly to our customers. Also, we can utilize the FabriVISION to implement a continuous audit function in our manufacturing process as well as reverse engineer flat parts directly into CAD files in minutes.

“The FabriVISION Laser offers capabilities that are an integral part of quality assurance models such as ISO 9000, TQM, SixSigma and Lean. The inspection machine will reduce our 1st article inspection time, while at the same time increasing the accuracy of the inspection by eliminating human error. What might have take hours in the past will now take minutes to complete.” Mike Moss, Director of Sales

Continental Industries is no stranger to expansion. Dubbed “One of Orange County’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” for revenue growth by the Orange County Business Journal for the last five years running, Continental is currently in the midst of exciting growth that can be seen in a variety of forms.

They made a move to a fully renovated 25,000-square-foot building for added workspace. Even more recently, Continental acquired a complementary company in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Since that strategic acquisition, personnel, assets, and customers have been merged to increase the volume of business and enter new market segments.

For over three decades Continental Industries has offered world class design, engineering, prototyping and fabrication services to customers in the southern California area making them a powerful resource in the industry.

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