PITTSBURGH—Ansys has launched a collaboration with Innovation Works, an investor in seed-stage technology companies, to provide free, high-end simulation software to startups. With the collaboration, Ansys puts the speed and power of its simulation software suite into the hands of startups that otherwise could not afford the sophisticated software, but need its capabilities and flexibility to bring new products to life, Ansys said in a press release.

Ansys (www.ansys.com) said that its collaboration with Innovation Works combines with other new programs and products that it has rolled out in recent months aimed at assisting startups. It also honors the company’s roots: Ansys received very early funding from Innovation Works’ predecessor organization, the Ben Franklin Technology Partner of Southwestern PA, at the company’s inception.

“The global reach of the ANSYS Startup Program does not overlook our commitment to helping bring success to the burgeoning hardware startup ecosystem in our hometown of Pittsburgh,” said Paul Lethbridge, senior manager, Ansys Startup Program, in a statement. ”ANSYS simulation software helps startups throughout their entire product life-cycle, from initial concept, to prototypes, to full-scale production. Not only does early phase use of engineering simulation accelerate product innovation and development, but it also saves money and provides startups with additional credibility, often leading to more funding and broader opportunities.”

“The ANSYS tools enable the startups we work with to run large-scale simulations on par with much larger companies,” said Rich Lunak, president and CEO of Innovation Works, in a statement. “Having engineered a robotics product myself years ago, I know my startup would have greatly benefited from this type of software, which would have allowed us to move more quickly and brought a more robust product to market quickly. The seed- and early stage companies we invest in and assist will greatly benefit from access to this software, and we’re extremely grateful to ANSYS for making it available.”

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