WAUKESHA, Wis.—Miro Manufacturing has acquired property and a facility located less than a mile from its main campus to serve as the company’s fabrication and assembly center. The addition provides the company with more than 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the company said in a press release.

Miro’s fabrication services include laser and waterjet cutting, forming, and welding.  Its assembly services vary from simple two-part sub-assemblies to complete product assembly.  The expansion of these operations accommodates what today’s customer is looking for—a partner to provide multiple, complementary services empowering them to reduce their supply chain, according to Miro (www.miromfg.com).

The company also recently announced the addition of a Komatsu 330-ton servo press outfitted with a 36-inch coil feed line to enhance its metal stamping operation.  The new equipment will complement Miro’s current battery of metal stamping presses, which range in tonnage from 60 tons to 1,000 tons.

A Komatsu servo press is a complete integrated press system that utilizes technology to improve the entire stamping process. There are three key differences between servo and mechanical presses—accuracy, repeatability, and power. Stroke, slide motion, slide position, and speed are all programmable and adjustable.

These advancements are intended to further Miro’s overall position as a  contract manufacturer—versatile enough to handle major projects, yet flexible enough to react quickly to a customer’s changing needs. Miro’s diverse services include metal stamping, fabrication, machining, and assembly. In this atmosphere of production services, it is Miro’s full service, on-site tool room that sets the company apart from many of its competitors, the company said.

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