New agreement aims to enable groundbreaking improvements in aviation and power generation applications

PITTSBURGH—General Electric Co. is using ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation™ to accelerate product development and analysis, improve product quality, and reduce testing time in aviation and power generation applications, according to a release from Ansys. Through a new, multi-year agreement with Ansys, GE is expected to realize greater cost and time savings during product development, Ansys said.

The agreement is said to provide GE with access to the full breadth of Ansys’s portfolio of engineering simulation software and experts, to enable multi-physics solutions in ground-based and on-wing gas turbine engines. As part of the agreement, GE and Ansys formed an executive management review board to collaborate and drive innovation on areas of mutual interest.

“Growing GE’s relationship with ANSYS is intended to help us better focus on innovation through our core competencies,” said Gary Mercer, vice president of engineering for GE Aviation, in the release. “We are eager to explore and apply ANSYS’s innovative design solutions earlier in the design process.”

“ANSYS is committed to driving Pervasive Engineering Simulation and to providing engineers with the tools needed to transform design, manufacturing, operations, and product development,” said Ansys CEO Ajei Gopal. “With ANSYS technology further integrated into GE’s engineering process, we can take our 30-year collaboration to the next level of strategic partnership and enable ANSYS and GE to better drive innovation.”

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