TAMPA, Fla.—Sypris Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, Inc., recently received contract awards to manufacture a variety of mission-critical electronic assemblies for a number of global undersea communication projects, the company said in a press release. The name of the customer and the terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

The awards are for the production of electronic assemblies used in undersea cable transmitters. The transmitters deploy advanced reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexing technology, which is essential for the optimization and efficiency of today’s high-capacity, transoceanic cable systems. Production will begin in 2018.

“The subsea electronics market is a great strategic fit for our high-reliability business focus,” said Jim Long, vice president and general manager of Sypris Electronics, in a statement. “Our customer is a leader in undersea telecom installations, and we are committed to supporting it on these projects. We are honored to have this opportunity to expand our relationship with these recent orders.”

Sypris Electronics (www.sypriselectronics.com) addresses customers’ needs for building complex, mission-critical electronic and electro-mechanical devices and integrated systems. Partners from multiple agencies and tier one companies in the military (DoD), space, medical, civil avionics, telecom, and industrial markets team with Sypris to deliver high-reliability electronics built with strict adherence to regulated requirements. Sypris’s engineering and manufacturing services span its customers’ product life cycle, within a culture of continuous improvement and Six Sigma/Lean thinking, the company said.

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