A circuit board that Toolander Engineering has contributed to in the Electronics Industry.

Toolander Engineering Inc., is a second and third generation precision metal stamping firm operating out of a 10,000-square-foot factory in San Clemente, CA.

It offers progressive dies and tooling, precision metal stamping, stamped part design service, automated machines, prototypes and short runs, medium runs and long runs, as well as secondary operations and assembly.

“We can work with you to develop your part from the ground up helping you along the way with material selection, design input, functionality, manufacturability and cost saving methods,” Toolander said on its website. “A successful part often starts with a prototype model. Prototypes are necessary to test different materials and designs of a part. Costly mistakes in production can add up if this step is neglected. At Toolander Engineering we have over 43 years of experience in producing complex tight tolerance prototypes with short lead times.”

Toolander Engineering has contributed parts for use in U.S. military aircraft.

Toolander was founded in 1975 by Harri Kutzmarski, an immigrant from Germany, who turned it over in 2000 to his sons Steve and Fred, who carry on the business. The third generation of Kutzmarskis working in the plant today, include Fred’s son Steve, a certified tool and die maker, along with Steven, Trevor and Erin.

Toolander Engineering Inc., provides parts and services to numerous industries, including electronics, medical, military, automotive, telecommunications and lighting, among others.

“Stamping tight tolerance, high precision electronics parts has been our speciality since we opened our doors in 1975. From computers to cell phones to circuit boards and even in the space station our stamped electronics parts have been in a vast array of components,” Toolander said on its website.

A selection of parts that Toolander Engineering has contributed to in the Medical Industry.

Its electronic components include bus bars, lead frames, shields, solder terminals, USB connectors, connectors of many kinds and electrical contacts of many kinds. About Medical, Toolander said, “We have stamped millions upon millions of medical parts with extremely tight tolerances so we understand what it takes to be a success in this industry.”

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