Pictured is an AgigA Tech NVDIMM for high-density, high-speed, non-volatile memory data storage. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN DIEGO—AgigA Tech, Inc., recently announced the issuance of United States Patent No. 9,972,365 relating to reference voltage switching circuitry for dual-inline memory modules, or DIMMs. It is the 21st U.S. Patent issued to AgigA Tech, a provider of high-speed, high-density, battery-free non-volatile memory products and a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp

Since the company’s inception more than 10 years ago, AgigA Tech has built a comprehensive portfolio of patents related to hybrid non-volatile RAM. As a result of this early pioneering work on the emerging non-volatile DIMM, or NVDIMM, technology standard, AgigA Tech holds several patents fundamental to the base technology.

“As a key developer of NVDIMM technology, it is critical for AgigA to build up a strong IP and patent portfolio not only for ourselves, but for our customers and partners, as well,” said Ron Sartore, president and CEO of AgigA Tech (www.agigatech.com), in a company release. “This latest patent, although more subtle in nature than our other key patents, is important to meet the high-performance design requirements of persistent memory modules, including NVDIMM-N.”

The NVDIMM-N standard defined by JEDEC offers a new class of non-volatile memory developed to meet the need for higher-performance persistent memory for enterprise-class storage and server applications. It is said to provide the low latency and nearly infinite endurance of DRAM, along with the non-volatility of flash. Enterprise and data center applications were previously constrained by the higher latency of existing storage products, such as SSDs, but they are now able to remove a significant system bottleneck with the deployment of NVDIMM-N in their storage hierarchy, the company said.

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