ELBRIDGE, N.Y.—DragonPlate, a maker of light-weight carbon fiber composite components, has been granted a patent for its Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors, reported to provide an easy and robust method for connecting carbon fiber tubes.

DragonPlate (www.DragonPlate.com) is a trade name for “off-the-shelf” carbon fiber composite components manufactured by Allred and Associates Inc. The company, located in central New York, offers building materials, such as carbon fiber sheets, tubes, and structural components, and more than 30 connector types. Allred (www.allredcorp.com) also provides engineering services and manufacturing of custom designed composite parts.

The anodized aluminum connectors can be used to connect 0.5-inch, 0.7-inch, or 1-inch carbon fiber tubes to form complex structures that can be disassembled. Both 2D and 3D joints are possible, and no complex fixturing, screwing, or drilling of tubes is necessary, the company said. The patented design is said to create a superior bond that does not require drilling of holes that can compromise tube strength.

Connectors are available in numerous configurations, allowing for creation of hundreds of joints and an unlimited number of light-weight rigid structures, the manufacturer said. “These connectors are sure to revolutionize the connection of carbon fiber tubes,” said Andy Morabito, marketing manager of DragonPlate, in the release. DragonPlate was granted patent #9803672 for its tube connectors. “Previously, there has not been a practical way of connecting carbon tubes in a way that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the tube and takes full advantage of carbon fiber tube strength.”

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