Sight Machine’s FactoryTX Edge and FactoryTX Cloud have three core functions —collect, transform, and transmit—that enable them to aggregate data from disparate factory devices or cloud-based data lakes, pre-process it, and securely stream it to Sight machine’s cloud-based analytics software. Photo courtesy of Sight Machine.

SAN FRANCISCO—Sight Machine Inc. recently introduced FactoryTX Edge and FactoryTX Cloud, which the company called “the only enterprise-grade edge and cloud data acquisition tools purpose-built for manufacturing.” The new tools are said to enable rapid deployment and centralized management of multi-factory IoT data ingestion. They give manufacturers the flexibility to acquire machine data from production facilities and the cloud, and to efficiently prepare the data for manufacturing analytics.

FactoryTX Edge and FactoryTX Cloud are built to address the specific data acquisition challenges faced by manufacturers. They have three core functions: collect, transform, and transmit, enabling them to aggregate data from disparate factory devices or cloud-based data lakes, pre-process it, and securely stream it to Sight Machine’s cloud-based analytics software. The offerings give customers flexibility in determining where data processing takes place, Sight Machine said in a press release.

Reported to help manufacturers rapidly deploy and extend manufacturing analytics applications throughout their enterprise, FactoryTX Edge and FactoryTX Cloud normalize industrial data from disparate systems into a standardized format and securely transmit it to Sight Machine’s platform.

FactoryTX Edge acquires raw data and is designed specifically for production facility network environments. It addresses the network reliability challenges of disparate factories through micro batching and software update delta compression, and uses store-and-forward capabilities to mitigate bandwidth limitations typical to plants, the company said in the release.

FactoryTX Edge includes rapid self-service installation technology that allows customers to remotely deploy digital manufacturing applications to facilities using their own IT and operations teams. It enables remote provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance to accelerate the ability to deploy, scale, and continuously improve digital manufacturing capabilities. Browser-based configuration tools allow companies to scale up and add more data sources as their projects expand. FactoryTX Edge also provides a platform for custom, low-latency edge analytics for manufacturers that want this capability.

“The right combination of cloud, private network, and edge computing resources will vary depending on corporate policies, the type of factory equipment used, and the specific needs of the projects under development,” said Jon Sobel, CEO of Sight Machine, in the release. “Sight Machine FactoryTX Edge makes the edge enterprise-ready, with an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage solution that lets manufacturers select the best mix of local and cloud processing for each location and use case.”

FactoryTX Cloud offers the same major functions as FactoryTX Edge, but is optimized to run in the cloud. It is for manufacturers that are already moving their manufacturing data to the cloud, enabling them to quickly turn this aggregated data into insights.

“In order to keep up with the rapid advances in big data analytics technologies, to gain multi-factory visibility and to enable enterprise scalability, most manufacturers will turn to secure cloud-based solutions,” said Sight Machine Chief Technical Officer Nate Oostendorp. “Sight Machine FactoryTX Edge and FactoryTX Cloud help our customers securely acquire production data from multiple sources, regardless of where it resides.”

The new tools are said to lower the cost and increase the speed of scaling digital manufacturing capabilities across multiple plants, while avoiding the risk of creating new data and application silos in the process.

Sight Machine’s analytics platform, purpose-built for discrete and process manufacturing, uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to help address critical challenges in quality and productivity throughout the enterprise. Sight Machine is optimized to run on the major cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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