HARRISBURG, Pa.—TE Connectivity (TE), a manufacturer of connectivity products and sensors, recently introduced its next-generation 0.8mm free height board-to-board connectors, reported to achieve unrivaled speeds of 32 Gbps and higher. These high-speed, mid-density mezzanine connectors are 56 Gbps PAM-4- and PCIe Gen 5- capable for future upgrades, and are said to deliver an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

A growing need for mezzanine connectors capable of delivering 25 Gbps and higher signal necessitates the upgrade of existing 10 Gbps mezzanine connectors in the coming years, TE Connectivity said in a press release. Anticipating the need for even higher speeds over the next five years as the market moves toward PCIe Gen 5 architectures, TE has developed free height connectors capable of 32 Gbps and higher speeds that reportedly offer significant system cost savings in adopting 32 Gbps technologies for high-volume server and storage applications.

The new free height connectors also deliver higher reliability through a stronger plug/receptacle mechanical design, maintaining the same performance when de-mated up to 0.5mm. In addition, modular tooling enables 1mm stack height increments and flexible pin counts.

“Our engineers continually find ways to deliver higher-performing connectivity products, and our next-generation free height connectors are just the latest example,” said Lily Zhang, product manager at TE Connectivity, in the release. “With these new connectors, we deliver excellent price/performance in a future-proof product.”

TE Connectivity and TE are trademarks of the TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies.

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