Tethon 3D will collaborate with engineers at the University of Nebraska to design and assemble the ceramic/metal 3D printer.

OMAHA, Neb.—Tethon Corporation has been awarded a grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to pursue the design and production of a ceramic/metal 3D printer. The project, “A Novel DLP 3D Printer Optimized for Ceramics and Metals,” is dedicated to developing the first commercially available desktop DLP printer designed specifically for ceramic and metal additive manufacturing, the company stated in a press release.

Tethon 3D (www.tethon3d.com), a specialist in ceramic materials for additive manufacturing, manufactures resins and powders for SLA, DLP, and powder binder jetting 3D printing. The company also provides service in custom powder and resin formulation.

The academic R&D grant supports Tethon 3D in partnership with the University of Nebraska. Tethon 3D will collaborate with engineers Bai Cui, Ph.D., and Prahalada Rao, Ph. D., from the University of Nebraska’s Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. Dr. Cui is an expert in ceramic materials for additive manufacturing and Dr. Rao is an expert in 3D printing hardware.

“While there are more than a dozen SLA and DLP 3D printers that work well and are compatible with our UV curable ceramic and metal materials, they are all designed for plastic polymers,” said Tethon 3D CEO Karen Linder, in the release. “By optimizing a DLP printer for ceramics and metals, and formulating our materials specifically for this enhanced printer, the industry can produce stronger and higher resolution ceramic and metal 3D printed parts with the convenience and lower expenses of desktop DLP technology.”

“The Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering is excited for this opportunity to work with Tethon 3D on developing 3D printing technology,” said Jeffrey E. Shield, chair of the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering and Robert W. Brightfelt Professor of Engineering at the University of Nebraska. “Profs. Rao and Cui have the complementary expertise to contribute to this project in a number of ways, and Tethon 3D is a recognized leader in developing outstanding technology. It will be a great opportunity for our faculty and students to interact with such an outstanding company.”

Tethon 3D said that it will continue to provide solutions and support for its customers using various SLA, DLP, and binder jetting hardware. The launch of this collaborative project creates a new hardware division for the Company.

“Our printer will create new opportunities for designers to develop complex ceramic and metal components and will enable higher volume manufacturing of 3D printed ceramics and metals,” said Linder. “We are passionate about creating new markets, fabricating designs that were previously impossible and disrupting existing manufacturing approaches.”

Tethon 3D manufactures its products in the United States and distributes globally. The company

holds several patents and other intellectual property related to ceramic 3D printing materials, 3D printing processes, and 3D printer hardware.

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