Manufacturers can garner benefits of advanced analytics with innovative predictive modeling, company says

AUSTIN, Tex.—TAKE Supply Chain (TSC) is now offering easy-to-use predictive analytic capabilities with a focus on supply chain performance, quality, and cost savings measures through its OneSCM® Supply Chain Orchestration platform, the company reported.

OneSCM aggregates currently available data from all ERP, WMS, TMS, and back-office systems used by manufacturers and their trading partners to facilitate a manage-by-exception workflow. The new predictive analytics capability enables organizations to fully leverage that data to drive greater savings throughout their entire supply chain, without having to employ a large team of data scientists or invest in extensive IT system overhauls, the company said in a press release.

“As Simon Ellis at research firm IDC has noted, most organizations are not able to keep up with the abundance of supply chain data available today,” said Steve Rice, vice president, TAKE Supply Chain, in a statement. “They also struggle to aggregate data, which makes it difficult to mine and analyze, much less discern trends. Our new OneSCM Predictive Analytics capabilities will enable organizations to gain deeper insight into their supply chain operations so that they can extract more value and meaning from the abundant amount of data across their supply chain ecosystem.”

Customers who need assistance onboarding the new OneSCM Predictive Analytics capabilities due to limited IT resources can leverage the functional and technical support services offered by the TAKE Forward team.

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