NEEDHAM, Mass.— For manufacturers that use CNC and injection molding machines, the latest version of an industrial connectivity platform released by PTC—KEPServerEX® Version 6.6—is reported to offer innovations and security enhancements that can help them accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

“Connectivity to industrial assets in operational environments is driving valuable insights that allow manufacturers to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety. However, due to their age and the complexity of the protocols used, some assets, such as CNCs and IMMs, have proven to be notoriously difficult to tap for data,” said Howard Heppelmann, general manager, Connected Operations Solutions, PTC. “PTC has helped countless manufacturers overcome this data integration challenge and create holistic industrial IoT ecosystems. With KEPServerEX V6.6, we’re providing users with access to an even wider, more diverse set of industrial assets, thereby enabling smart manufacturing across the entire factory.”

The new EUROMAP 63 driver, a key component of the KEPServerEX V6.6 release, is an open source, file-based protocol used by many industry-leading injection-molding machine manufacturers. Prior to KEPServerEX V6.6, manufacturers with injection molding machines had limited choices for collecting data, such as using vendor-specific proprietary MES software or producing a home-grown solution.

Inclusion of this new driver gives organizations real-time data monitoring and parameter control of EUROMAP 63-enabled injection molding machines, increasing production visibility and enabling those organizations to reduce waste and downtime, PTC said in a press release.

Updates to the existing Fanuc Focas Ethernet driver are also included in this release. With KEPServerEX V6.6, manufacturers can access more data from their Fanuc CNC machines, with the ability to read and leverage data from any parameter specified in the manual’s parameter table, according to PTC.

The company said that KEPServerEX Version 6.6 demonstrates PTC’s continued investment in helping manufacturers reduce risks associated with security threats.

Kepware, located in Portland, Maine, is a software development business of PTC. Kepware ( provides a portfolio of software to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications and enable the Industrial Internet of Things.

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