Cornell Dubilier’s THA/THAS Series Thinpack electrolytic capacitors offer high energy density in thin-profile packages. Photo courtesy of Cornell Dubilier Electronics.

LIBERTY, S.C.— Cornell Dubilier’s THA/THAS Series Thinpack electrolytic capacitors were named Product of the Year in the Passives category by Electronic Products magazine. Described by Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) as a “new development in aluminum electrolytic technology,” the award-wining capacitors are reported to offer “very high energy density in thin-profile packages.” Applications for the capacitors include high-performance electronics, including tablets, laptops, instrumentation, and commercial-grade LED driver modules, CDE said in a press release.

The 85°C THA Series Thinpack capacitors are 8.2 mm thick. The 105°C THAS Series offers a 9-mm profile, comparable in height to surface mount and axial leaded electrolytics, but with much higher bulk-storage capability in a single package, the manufacturer said.

The THA/THAS components offer energy density up to 1.1 J/cc and up to 0.9 J/cc, respectively. The capacitance range for both series is 60 µF to 18,000 µF, and voltage range is 10 Vdc to 450 Vdc.

Unlike traditional cylindrical electrolytics, the THA/THAS capacitors have a laser-welded case that eliminates the need for end-seal gaskets. According to CDE, this sealing method allows for much higher energy density over conventional electrolytics and extends life by preventing the loss of electrolyte.

A single THA/THAS capacitor can replace an array of SMT, axial, or radial aluminum electrolytics. That substitution can allow engineers to design smaller products with simplified assembly and higher reliability. In most applications, there are significant cost, weight, and space savings versus a comparably rated bank of SMT or axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This can allow a 70 percent reduction in board space and improved overall circuit reliability, thanks to the lower component count and fewer connection points, the company said.

The THA/THAS Series Thinpack electrolytic capacitors are also said to be well-suited for electronics applications that include compact power supplies, drones, RPVs, set-top boxes, and 1U rack-mounted devices.

Electronic Products annual awards  recognize outstanding products that represent a significant advancement in a technology or its application; an exceptionally innovative design; a substantial achievement in price/performance; improvements in design performance; or a potential for new product designs/opportunities.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics (, founded in 1909, focuses on advancing capacitor technology for new applications. The company provides components  for applications such as inverters, wind and solar power, electric vehicles, power supplies, motor drives, and HVAC. Applications for its components are also reported to include motors, welding, aerospace, telecom, medical equipment, and UPS systems. A global company, Cornell Dubilier has ISO-9001 certified manufacturing and distribution facilities in Liberty, South Carolina; New Bedford, Massachusetts; Mexicali, Mexico; and Hong Kong.

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