New system from Keysight Technologies is said to automate and rapidly validate designs

SANTA ROSA, Calif.—Keysight Technologies, Inc. has introduced a new data acquisition system (DAQ) to speed test development times with rapid measurement and scan rates, expanded measurement types and ranges, and  simple test sequence automation. The Keysight DAQ970A data acquisition system is said to improve design validation and speed test development times with up to 5,000 readings per second and scan rates of up to 450 channels per second.

Increasing product design complexity necessitates new and challenging test requirements. To ensure effective testing of these complex designs, fast measurements and data logging of multiple signal types are required.

Keysight’s DAQ970A is said to provide test engineers with a wide range of measurement types and ranges, fast scan rates, and simplified test automation. It leverages the company’s BenchVue DAQ application software to facilitate rapid creation of automated tests, instrument control to set parameters and status alerts, and simple analysis of measurement results. Embedded test flow capabilities automate DAQ setups and measurements into test sequences, and an intuitive graphical front panel display offers self-guiding menus that enable test engineers to quickly perform all tasks directly from the instrument.

“Testing products with greater functionality, in less time, requires the ability to sample more signals, faster,” said Chris Cain, vice president of Keysight’s Electronic and Industrial Solution Group Center of Excellence, in a statement. “Precision measurements across a wide range of measurement types is mandatory. Keysight’s DAQ970A solution enables engineers to substantially improve design validation through automated testing without programming, expanded measurement options, and fast scan rates.”

Keysight’s data acquisition system focuses on improved measurement accuracy via an advanced 6-and-a-half-digit internal digital multimeter and auto-calibration that compensates for internal drifts caused by time and temperature changes. It includes multiple format displays (number, bar, meter, trend chart, and histogram) to easily monitor measurement results, the company said in a release.

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