Bay Area company focuses on design, development, and manufacturing of advanced medical devices

FREMONT, Calif.—PrinterPrezz Inc. recently opened an innovation center in Silicon Valley that combines metal 3D printing technologies with digital design services and proprietary nanotechnologies to bring ideas for innovative medical devices faster, the company said in a release. The PrinterPrezz Innovation Center, based in Fremont, California, establishes a Medifacturing™ ecosystem that is said to bridge the gap between medical and manufacturing expertise through its blended workforce of skilled surgeons, engineers, and materials scientists.

The PrinterPrezz Innovation Center provides access to an open innovation environment with a broad set of software, scanners, and hardware to optimize designs for 3D printing and prototyping. It offers multiple on-site powder-bed metal 3D printers capable of printing in titanium and stainless steel, and a suite of proprietary nanotechnologies that include nano-metrology, nano-coating, and nano-etching to enhance device performance.

“3D printing has the potential to revolutionize how the world thinks about developing advanced medical devices, but in the current ecosystem, it takes too long to go from concept to product,” said Shri Shetty, co-founder and CEO of PrinterPrezz, in a statement. “By combining proven metal 3D printing technologies with our proprietary nanotechnology post-processing, we can further enhance new medical devices to improve durability, strength, and bone-in-growth while reducing the potential for infection, for example. From surgeons seeking new technologies, to manufacturers needing scale, to patients hoping for speedy functional recoveries, PrinterPrezz’s Medifacturing™ framework solves challenges in quality, cost, and time.”

With collaboration agreements to co-locate UCSF Surgical Innovations and other innovators onsite at the PrinterPrezz Innovation Center, PrinterPrezz works with teams of researchers and university hospitals to productize their intellectual property (IP) and develop additional manufacturing and product IP.

“We support innovators at every level, from the individual clinician all the way to multinational medical device companies,” said Dr. Alan Dang, co-founder and chief medical officer of PrinterPrezz and board-certified orthopaedic spine surgeon. “Some are looking to develop an initial prototype from a napkin sketch, while others are already in production and need additional manufacturing capacity. We have offerings designed to help each group succeed. By bringing together experienced clinicians and innovative engineers with leading 3D printing equipment and software from around the world, PrinterPrezz decreases turnaround time from concept to manufacturing.”

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