WASHINGTON, Mo.—GH Tool & Mold, a Tooling Tech Group company and a supplier of die cast tooling and machining services, received DD2345 certification, the company said in a press release. The certification permits access to unclassified military technical data belonging to Canada’s Department of National Defense (DND) and to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

The DD2345 certification enables G.H. Tool & Mold to obtain unclassified export- controlled technical data; to request unclassified visits directly with other certified U.S. or Canadian defense contractors or military facilities; and to attend gatherings such as symposiums, program briefings, meetings regarding advance requirements or contracting agencies, as well as pre-solicitation, pre-bid, pre-proposal, pre-award conferences, workshops, and tours.

“We’re proud of the dedication by our team to attain this status,” said Dave Graves, G.H. Tool & Mold president. “This positions our company within an elite group of defense contractors and provides us with unique opportunity to grow our business in this sector.”

G.H. Tool & Mold, founded in 1983, said that it is well-respected within the die cast tooling, aerospace, and general machining industries for its consistent ability to provide partners with a competitive productivity advantage through innovative tooling. The Tooling Tech Group acquired the company in 2015.

Founded by Tony Seger in 1982 and headquartered in Macomb, Michigan, the Tooling Tech Group (www.toolingtechgroup.com) has grown to become one of the largest tooling companies in the United States serving the automotive industry. The company manufactures tooling that is used to produce a wide variety of vehicle components, including soft-trim, powertrain components, structural stampings, valve bodies, dashboard and under-the-hood components, thermo-acoustic panels, roof components, liquid reservoirs, trunk components, and wheel liners.

Non-automotive uses for the company’s tooling products are reported to include the manufacturing of aerospace tooling and structures, appliances, lawn and garden products, consumer goods, off-road equipment, marine products, agricultural equipment, heavy-trucks, industrial blow-molds, kayaks, and small engines.

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