AMBERG, Germany and TOLEDO, Ohio—At the SPE Innovation Awards Gala in Detroit last November, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Division named Toledo Molding & Die Inc. (TMD) as the winner in the Process/Assembly/Enabling Technologies. Toledo Molding & Die, acquired by Grammar AG in October, was recognized for its innovative tire carrier with integrated rear camera and brake light.

The award-winning tire carrier is made of injection molded magnesium and over-molded with nylon. The hybrid composite technology used by TMD ( takes advantage of these two materials to reduce weight and improve impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and load capacity. The innovative product also offers clear advantages for the final consumer: The spare tire is easier to fit and remove, and the integrated rear camera, which is particularly protected against shocks, offers extra safety when driving.

The TMD Group, with reported annual sales of approximately $300 million, specializes in the development and production of innovative thermoplastic components in the North American automotive market. The use of such innovative materials has become increasingly important in  the automotive industry in recent years, as today more than 15 percent of a passenger car is reported to consist of plastic and plastic composite materials.

Grammer AG is a global supplier of interior components for passenger cars and commercial vehicle seating systems.

“Together with our subsidiary TMD, we are delighted to receive the prestigious SPE Innovation Award,” said Ralf Hoppe, spokesperson for Grammer AG, in a statement. “The award is a strong confirmation of the quality and innovative strength of TMD products.”

Grammer AG’s acquisition of TMD is consistent with its strategy of systematically acquiring technology companies to expand its own product range and process expertise. Toledo Mold & Die is now Grammer’s “main pillar in the U.S. automotive market,” Grammer AG said in a press release announcing the award.

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