An intuitive circuit board design platform is said to eliminate the learning curve of existing PCB design tools and usability issues of open source software.

AUSTIN, Texas—A new printed circuit board (PCB) design service from Patchr is reported to make printed circuit board design accessible to everyone. Patchr’s new software makes PCB design the easy part of creating electronic hardware projects, the company said in a press release.

Currently, electronics enthusiasts have experienced a shrinking market of PCB design tools. Users have suffered from a lack of options, especially when it comes to software with an intuitive user interface.

“For too long, you’ve needed an EE degree to be able to design a circuit board,” said Eric Schneider, CEO and Founder of Patchr, in a press release. “As a maker myself, I’ve been disappointed in the usability of PCB design software, so I assembled a team to build a better solution.”

Schneider, an alum of experience agency Chaotic Moon, has built futurist electronic projects, such as Tech Tattoos and a flame-throwing drone. “The industry is stuck in a square because no one has given makers the option to create a circle,” said Schneider. “Patchr allows makers to be as creative with their boards as they are with their inventions.”

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