Company relocates from Los Angeles to South El Monte, California

By Mark Langlois

Henry’s Metal Polishing is moving into a newer facility in South El Monte, California, from the older building it occupied in Los Angeles for 65 years. The company has provided architectural-grade and artist-grade metal polishing, welding, and finishing of stainless steel and other metals since 1951.

Owner Enrique Nikutowski said the new building is an upgrade to the business from almost every angle. The design includes an open floor plan that will ease the moving of 20-foot pieces of stainless steel from machine to machine, as needed. The new location is only about 10 years old, he said.

Nikutowski upgraded the building’s electrical service to bring in enough power for Henry’s grinding and polishing machines. He is installing a new environmental system to collect dust and grit from the polishing process.

“This building is in very good condition,” Nikutowski said.

The old building changed owners and Nikutowski said he couldn’t negotiate a lease long enough to warrant staying. The new facility is located at 9856 Rush St., El Monte, California.

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