Q-PLUS Labs has been solving measurement, inspection, engineering and quality-related needs for manufacturing firms for the last 32 years.

Q-PLUS of Irvine, California, is a leading precision dimensional measurement laboratory that serves a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, health, automotive, scientific, industrial, consumer products, and many more.

Among its most recent acquisitions is an HD laser raster scanner that provides high-speed, high resolution measurements down to plus- or minus- .00008-inch. (That’s 8 hundred-thousandths of an inch.)

“This process is unmatched on the market,” Q-PLUS Labs said on its website. Among its services, Q-Plus offers dimensional inspection and analysis, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, redesign, calibration, consulting, and training.

Q-PLUS also recommends and resells a wide range of metrology equipment for measurement and inspection. The equipment that they use in-house and sell includes vision and multi-sensor vision systems, 3D scanners, inline measurement systems, multi-sensor CMMS, CNC and DCC CMMs, software, optical comparators, photogrammetry, precision hand tools, high accuracy form and roundness testing, surface finish analyzers and portable CMMs. A CMM is a coordinate measuring machine.

Q-Plus Labs is certified to meet ISO 9001 standards, plus AS 9100D certification as well as the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

Q-PLUS is certified as a provider, “of dimensional measurement and inspection services, including but not limited to calibration, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and training services (on and offsite) for the Aerospace, Commercial, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear/Energy and Telecommunication industries,” said the AS9100D: 2016 certificate.

The certification recognizes technical competence in the operation of a laboratory quality management system. Q-PLUS was recertified in February to the latest standard.

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