The acquisition adds capabilities to design and manufacture custom electronic assemblies

DOVER, N.J.—Daburn Electronics and Cable, a manufacturer of wire, cable, electronic components and power supplies, recently acquired Precise Circuits, a custom electronics design and manufacturing company. Daburn ( reported that Precise Circuits will operate as a division of Daburn Electronics and will expand its design and manufacturing operations in Carrollton, Texas.

Daburn Electronics President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Flaherty said in a statement that Precise Circuits “has seen rapid growth in recent years, specializing in electronic circuit and wiring harness design and manufacture.”

“Precise Circuits adds in-house capabilities to design and manufacture custom electronic assemblies,” Flaherty said. “Precise Circuits has built a reputation for delivering innovative high-temperature, ruggedized electronics, primarily used in the oil, gas, and mining industry. These products meet the highest quality and performance standards. We have added staff at Precise Circuits so that additional best-in-class products are available to customers while continuing to support Precise Circuit’s commitment to new technology development.”

Feroze Sidhwa, director of sales at Precise Circuits, called the acquisition “very positive for our customers.”

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