New facility doubles square footage available for operations, logistics, and administration.

IRVINE, Calif.—Infinite Electronics, Inc., a global supplier of electronic components, has opened its second facility in Lewisville, Texas, to support the company’s growing family of brands and product lines. The expanded operations at the facility support a variety of products for Infinite’s brands, including NEMA enclosures, fiber optic cables, 1553 bus couplers, insertion tools, complex wire harnesses, and surge and lightning protectors, the company said in a press release.

Infinite Electronics’ new facility is reported to be a state-of-the-art, ISO9001-certified operation that is located directly next door to its original Lewisville facility, effectively doubling the company’s workspace in this location from 80,000 square feet to 160,000 square feet. Adding the new space allows Infinite to grow its ready-to-serve capabilities and meet the growing demand for products that are available with same-day shipping, the company said.

The new facility is able to fulfill more than 500 orders, spanning 750 to 1,000 product lines on a daily basis, according to Infinite Electronics ( Together, the two facilities support a combined 130 employees in functions that include  production, logistics, product management, administration, accounting, sales, and human resources.

“By doubling our space, we are able to further our efforts to make Lewisville Infinite’s Center of Excellence for logistics and manufacturing in the Americas,” said Jim Dauw, Infinite’s Chief operating officer, in a statement. “Our production and logistics teams now have the space they need to be able to fulfill same-day production requirements for our growing family of brands, with room for continued growth to meet our customers’ urgent needs.”

Infinite’s first Lewisville facility opened its doors in October 2017. The address for both locations is 301 Lenora Lane, Suites 100 and 300, Lewisville, Texas.

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