SAN JOSE, Calif.—Electronics manufacturing services provider NexLogic Technologies, Inc. recently purchased and installed three machines that will significantly augment its offerings to customers worldwide in the field of microelectronics.  The three systems include a Hesse Bondjet 820 and two Mycronic MRSI 705 systems.

The Hesse BJ820 is a high-speed, fully automatic, and extremely accurate fine wire wedge bonder; it uses wires and ribbons made of aluminum, copper, and gold. Typical applications for the machine are components in HF and RF technology, chip on board (CoB), and multi-chip module (MCM) applications.

The two MRSI-705 machines are 5-micron die bonders that offer  better placement accuracy, a requirement for critical applications. The linear motors deliver faster speeds, with better settling times and overall smoother motion. Reliability is enhanced through use of advanced air bearing technology in the Z axis, the company said in a press release.

“We’ve been in business for almost a quarter century serving OEMs in the Bay Area and beyond,” said NexLogic President and founder, Zulki Khan, in a statement. “More recently, customers and their product innovations call for a combination of traditional SMT manufacturing and the newly emerging microelectronics manufacturing. This means we must stay ahead of these new PCB assembly and manufacturing technologies to comply with customer demands.”

NexLogic’s capital expenditures in the last year include investment in a new Class 10,000 cleanroom. The company has also hired fully trained personnel to comply with this growing industry demand. At the forefront of NexLogic’s microelectronics manufacturing systems is a Hesse BJ820 fully automatic fine wire bonder that is capable of ball, wedge, and wire bonding using aluminum, copper, or gold wires.

Complementing the Hesse fine wire bonder are a Janome JR3303 Robotic level flux and epoxy dispenser, a TPT-HB16 Wire/Ball Bonder, a Royce 620 Multi-test Bond Tester and sheer strength puller, and a Keyence VK-X1000 Profile Measurement Microscope for wire bond inspection and verification.

NexLogic Technologies ( is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 certified, and RoHS compliant provider of electronics manufacturing services.

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