The new ME1000 family of MIL-STD-1553 interface cards from Astronics enable embedded computers and other systems to reliably communicate with and monitor avionics equipment. They feature the mPCIe platform’s highest I/O density. (Photo: Business Wire)

EAST AURORA, N.Y.—Astronics Corporation, a provider of advanced technologies for global aerospace, defense, and other mission critical industries, recently released its new ME1000 family of mPCIe avionics interface cards for embedded aerospace applications.

The ME1000 is a new mPCIe card designed and built by Astronics Ballard Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronics Corporation. These rugged cards interface with MIL-STD-1553 data buses and enable host devices, such as small form factor mission computers, to reliably communicate with and monitor avionics equipment.

“We are excited to release our new high-performance ME1000 mPCIe interface cards to the aerospace market for use in applications where space is at an absolute premium,” said Jon Neal, president of Astronics Ballard Technology, in a company release. “The product’s small size and large complement of I/O, combined with our reputation for reliable designs, long life, and industry-leading customer support, will provide our customers with a highly flexible, low-SWaP embedded solution.”

The ME1000 provides the highest amount of 1553 I/O in the compact mPCIe form-factor and is the only line to offer a concurrent RS-422/485 serial interface, the company said. It includes a cost-effective and rugged I/O connector that reduces mating connector costs and is available in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to fit in more places. Another key benefit is its extended temperature range and optional conformal coating to withstand harsh environmental demands, according to Astronics.

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