Solar Atmospheres has added an all-metal hot zone furnace to its Souderton, Pa., facility. Photo courtesy of Solar Atmospheres.

Solar Atmospheres ( recently installed another all-metal hot zone vacuum furnace at its facility in Souderton, Pennsylvania, the company announced in a press release. It is Solar’s third installation of an all-metal hot zone furnace installation for its climate-controlled room.

The additional furnace increases Solar’s capacity for processing sensitive materials, such as PH stainless, nickel-chrome based superalloys, titanium, and ferritic and austenitic stainless steels, the company said.

The unique placement of isolation valves, an all-metal moly/stainless steel hot zone, and a stainless-steel chamber are said to allow the furnace to attain the level of cleanliness mandated by the demanding aerospace and medical markets.  The ability to achieve vacuum levels lower than 5 x 10-6 Torr produces clean, bright results without contamination. The furnace also incorporates Solar Manufacturing’s latest SolarVac Polaris HMI control system for complete process automation.

“The increasing demands for cleanliness levels in critical aerospace and medical applications, and the growth in these markets, paved the way for Solar Atmospheres to add capacity through this investment,” said Jamie Jones, president of Solar Atmospheres, in the release.

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