Joined Alloys, a division of Leading Edge Manufacturing, is an aerospace, precision machining and defense industry manufacturer capable of numerous processes, including machining, sheet metal fabrication, torch and induction brazing, heat treating, vacuum, welding and non-destructive testing.

Founded in 1959 as Maximet Inc., the Phoenix, AZ, firm became Joined Alloys and then in 2017 became Leading Edge Manufacturing. It is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, as well as AS 9100D and NASCAP certified in welding, brazing and heat treating. It holds numerous American Welding Society welding certifications.

“Our vision is to be recognized by our customers, and the industries and communities we serve, as a leading global provider of high-quality manufacturing and engineering services, committed to operational excellence and to unparalleled customer experience,” Joined Alloys said on its website. “Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality product and services, when they need them, at the lowest possible price.”

As part of its effort to continuously improve quality, Joined Alloys employs a full-time certified welding inspector, (CWI), and it uses fluorescent penetrant inspection, (FPI), to inspect its welding. The company offers lean six sigma manufacturing, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP), Poka-Yoke Fixturing, and a fully integrated ERP system.

For complex machining, Joined Alloys has more than 70 high speed CNC machines that can produce parts in an envelope of 40-inches by 20-inches by 20-inches. Joined Alloy’s engineering and programming department is connected through information technology to all of its CNC machines as part of its production, documentation and traceability support. This technology is used to machine and fabricate defense and aerospace parts with superior quality documentation.

Sheet metal capabilities include punching, forming, perforating, welding, laser cutting and shearing parts from military grade

steels and aluminums to more exotic metals. Parts range from simple brackets to complex assembled enclosures that meet exacting tolerances.

Joined Alloys is NADCAP accredited in heat treating, brazing and non-destructive testing. Brazing gives Joined Alloys the ability to bond metal for use in fabricated assemblies and components that are difficult to weld. Heat treatments include stress relief, normalizing, solution treating, precipitation age hardening and tempering exotic alloys.

Welding certifications and capabilities include structural steel and armor, structural aluminum, stainless steel and aerospace. Specific techniques include stick welding, spot welding, flux core welding, wire feed or MIG welding, and TIG welding. “Having an on-staff CWI and ASNT Level 11 assure that any new weld procedures needed will be qualified in accordance with even the most demanding specifications and stringent inspection requirements,” Joined Alloys said on its website.

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