Nanotronics has developed a platform that uses AI to find and correct key inefficiencies in manufacturing settings. The platform combines artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and sophisticated imaging for industrial inspection. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Nanotronics, the developer of a platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and sophisticated imaging for industrial inspection, has created “a method for dynamically correcting variations and failures in an additive manufacturing system,” according to Vadim Pinskiy, vice president of research and development at the Brooklyn, New York-based manufacturing and microscopy company.

The method was the subject of a presentation scheduled to be presented by Pinskiy at the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Jose last month.

Vadim’s presentation, “Development and application of advanced AI decision making for manufacturing,” focuses on the theory and development of an AI model for robust real-time process control in a multi-nodal action space. It describes Artificial Intelligence Process Control (AIPC™) and the evolution of process control (PC) from individual to statistical to practical real-time correction.

“This is a significant step toward demonstrating the power of AIPC™ to increase yields and quality by correcting natural variances in industrial processes, paving the way to wider AIPC™ applications in manufacturing,” said Pinskiy in a release prior to the presentation.

This platform  uses AI to find and correct key inefficiencies in manufacturing settings. It  builds on the decades-long industrial experience of Nanotronics Co-founder and CEO Matthew Putman, as well as the innovative work of Nanotronics’s R&D team members, including Damas Limoge, senior project owner. Damas Limoge.

Nanotronics said that it will deploy the platform in companies making next-generation 3D chips, innovative fabrics and materials, and quantum sensors, among other applications.  Ultimately, Nanotronics aspires to enable companies to improve their products less expensively by making viable and reproduceable alterations to their production processes through non-trivial solutions on the factory floor.

Nanotronics has applied for several patents related to AIPC™. The applications include AIPC™ applied to human assembly lines and AIPC™ applied to additive manufacturing.

Nanotronics (, motivated by the goal of revolutionizing process control for manufacturing and full-factory automation, invents platforms that combine robotics, sophisticated imaging, and advanced AI platforms. The company develops artificial intelligence platforms expressly trained for the unique inspection needs of advanced industrial manufacturing.  Nanotronics said that it has used high-resolution imaging and rich datasets to train AI to recognize, quantify, and classify defects and features of interest.

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