Developer of polymer aerogels will manufacture polyimide aerogel insulative materials at FLEXcon’s campus.

SPENCER, Mass.—FLEXcon Company, Inc., a provider of adhesive coating and laminating services, and its affiliate, Blueshift Materials, a pioneer in the development of polymer aerogels, recently announced that Blueshift  moved its production and product development operations to FLEXcon’s campus in Spencer, Massachusetts. Blueshift will make use of more than 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space to produce its AeroZero® polyimide aerogel film and carry out application development in a clean room environment. Creation of wet lab space within the next year is also planned, according to a release from the companies.

Blueshift is ramping up its AeroZero (Polymer Aerogel) capabilities with a new production line to meet quickly growing customer demand. The company said that its state-of-the-art line “will revolutionize the manufacturing process for Polyimide Aerogels.”

“FLEXcon brings value-added capabilities, such as polymeric coating and laminating, that will enable us to create unique polyimide aerogel product constructions to meet very specific customer needs,” said Garrett Poe, executive vice president of technology, Blueshift, in a press release. “By teaming up with their development team, we’ll have extensive prototyping capabilities, as well as the ability to create a broader range of commercial products across many markets and industries.”

“We’re very excited to have Blueshift making Spencer its home,” said Neil McDonough, CEO, FLEXcon, in the release. “The innovative work they’re doing is making polymer aerogels more functional and more accessible to manufacturers across many markets and industries. Their increased capacity will also bring new jobs and revenue into Central Massachusetts. It’s a win-win for customers and for the Central Massachusetts community.”

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