Jeff and Jim Trost, owners of Vaga Industries ( have announced their recent addition of Laser Machining to their already stellar production lineup. They have bolstered their current capabilities by adding the YLS-3000 LaserCube made by IPG Photonics. This provides their clients more diverse and complex job perimeters including cutting Titanium with Argon assist gas. This uncommon feature enables the brothers to serve Aerospace applications made from titanium. These laser cut parts require Argon assist gases to avoid micro-cracks and compromised structural integrity, a problem that can be created with the use of Nitrogen gas.

Expanding Vaga’s capabilities of Photo Chemical Machining to include Laser Machining enables them to maintain maximum performance while consolidating multiple manufacturing processes in-house. The same high quality and high precision Vaga Industries customers expect will only be enhanced by shorter turnaround times and most importantly, the ability to work with even tighter tolerances on thicker materials.

Since Vaga Industries maintains AS9100D and ISO9001 their customers know they will always receive the highest quality parts but also get personal attention that comes with top notch service, no matter the industry, size of the job or client. From prototypes to production, they pride themselves on being present, available and on time with their projects. To learn more about Vaga Industries and their capabilities please call 626-442-7436 or email

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