Sample versions of the new Ruggedized PeeWee cable assembly, or PWR, from Teledyne Reynolds. (Photo: Business Wire)

Teledyne’s Ruggedized PeeWee offers a new ground level voltage rating to supplement its original high altitude rating

TORRANCE, Calif.— Teledyne Reynolds ( recently unveiled a new addition to its PeeWee high-voltage cable assembly product line. The Ruggedized PeeWee, or “PWR,” offers a mechanically robust design that is stringently tested and qualified. It is built on decades of experience in developing subminiature, high voltage connectors, as well as in designing Space-level products, Teledyne Reynolds said in a press release.

Like its original counterpart, Ruggedized PeeWee offers the standard 12 kVDC altitude voltage rating, guaranteeing reliable performance in harsh environmental conditions up to 70,000 feet, Teledyne said in a press release. However, the PWR assemblies also offer a new 18 kVDC rating for ground-based applications up to 10,000 feet, which is especially suitable for medical, instrumentation, and semiconductor inspection equipment usage.

The new Ruggedized PeeWee line is fully compatible and inter-matable with all push-pull PeeWee assemblies.

“Ruggedized PeeWee is the latest major innovation to our PeeWee family, which became an industry standard with over half a million shipped to customers over the past three decades,” said Mark Page, director of business development, in the release. “This new PWR delivers unprecedented robust and reliable performance for high altitude applications, but can also now address new ground-based applications with higher voltage requirements. We believe Ruggedized PeeWee will soon become the new standard choice for engineers in our industry.”

Ruggedized PeeWee was developed for applications that require the smallest-size and lightest-weight high voltage connections. Teledyne re-engineered the molded strain relief used on each connector, giving the new PWR assemblies an optimized strain relief to allow for significantly increased durability.

Variants of the PWR assemblies are being offered with four basic push-pull connector configurations and four standard wire options. Customers also have the option of single- or double-ended assemblies and can specify assembly length using a length designator in the part number, the company said.

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