Basin Precision Machining Runs Newest Five-Axis Tools

Basin Precision Machining is a precision metal manufacturer of complex metal parts with a company-wide commitment to precision and automation, as well as a commitment to acquiring the newest high-quality manufacturing equipment, as needed.

BPM invested $13 million in a 22,000-square-foot expansion and added five new Mazak Integerx 5-Axis multi-tasking mill turn machines in 2018. The machines include automated bar feeders, pallet changers and in-process gauging.

“We can machine complex parts from two ounces to a 3,000-pound oil field component. We manufacture parts to exacting requirements by adhering to the principles of Six Sigma and our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system,” BPM said on its website. “Our engineering, quality, and production staff work as a team to ensure we meet or exceed expectations.”

BPM’s commitment to quality started with Lean Manufacturing in the early 1980s. It implemented corrective and preventative actions and the advent of Six Sigma methodology led by a Six Sigma Black Belt. BPM uses statistical process control to get the most out of its manufacturing processes, and it updates its precision calibrations systems as needed.

Basin Precision Machining operates facilities and employs about 200 people in Jefferson and in Whitewater Wisconsin.

BPM said its team members work smarter, not harder, in part because of the five new “done in one” Integrex 5-axis mill turn machines, plus because of the Mazak Palletech Flexible Manufacturing System that includes 120 pallets and 348 tools per machine that can produce any mix of 300 complex hydraulic manifolds with zero setup. BPM said with three loading stations, the system run by nine employees can produce the same volume of product that conventional machines do with 28 people.

“Our teams have the resources to meet our customer needs,” BPM said.

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