Technical Cable Applications offers Prototypes and Production

Technical Cable Applications, a fast-prototyping, electronic component source experienced in cable and wire assembly, offers competitive pricing, fast design, prototyping and full production runs to meet customer needs.

Based in the Auburn, Washington, area, TCA offers free delivery and drop shipping to project sites or customers. TCA prides itself on the ability to turn a prototype in “a matter of days, or even hours. TCA can often provide a prototype within 24 hours if needed materials are available.”

“We will work with you on tooling and logistical issues, specializing in helping customers maximize inventory turns through Kan ban / just-in-time programs,” TCA said on its website.

Historically, TCA started out working on network cabling and computer cabling, the firm mastered cat5e and cat6 network cables along with fiber optic network cables. In today’s high mix, low volume manufacturing environment, TCA builds custom wire assemblies, copper and wire optics while offering full production runs. Its services include electronic component sourcing; cable assembly prototyping; full custom cable production runs; tooling assessment for wire and cable, and logistics for cable assembly.

Manufacturing capabilities and assembly include console box builds, crimping, cutting, stripping, soldering, wire harnesses, molding and more. TCA’s machining investments include low-pressure injection molding, automated crimping, automated wire cutting, soldering, state of the art test equipment and more.

“Our extensive tooling investment and robust inventory of connectors, contacts, wire, and other components help cut down lead times on most projects,” TCA said.

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